ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins

Combination Bolts

  1. Drill hole approximately 1 inch longer than the bolt when completely assembled. Measure from where the plate touches the roof to the top of the bolt.

  2. Insert appropriate length and type of resin cartridge into hole. For optimum performance, use a length of resin cartridge that will ensure complete resin encapsulation from the end of the rebar to the top of the coupler.

  3. Insert top section of COMBINATION Bolt into hole first, assembling the remaining extensions as you push the bolt into the hole.

  4. With the bolt in the bolt wrench, raise completely assembled bolt to the top of the hole. Do not thrust plate tight against the roof.

  5. Keeping the plate just off the roof, rotate bolt rapidly 5-10 seconds (or time as otherwise specified by resin manufacturer) to mix resin. Always keep hands away from rotating parts.

  6. Wait for resin to set up (per time specified by resin manufacturer) and torque bolt to within the torque range as specified in the roof control plan (200-350 ft-lbs for 3/4" and 250-400 ft-lbs for 7/8"). This completes the installation.