INSTáL III Compression Bolt (3/4" and 7/8")

  1. Drill a 1-3/8" inch diameter hole approximately 1-1/2"-2" longer than the bolt when completely assembled. Measure from where the plate touches the roof to the top of the bolt. Adjustment to be made to accommodate header boards, crossbars, plank, etc.

  2. Insert resin cartridge into hole (system adaptable to any length of resin). Length and type of resin as specified in the roof control plan.

  3. Insert INSTáL III Bolt in the hole with expansion anchor, support nut, adjustable resin compression ring, hardened steel washer, optional anti-friction washer, and plate assembled on the bolt.

  4. With the bolt in the bolt wrench, raise to top of the hole. Just hold bolt snug against the roof while applying torque. Do not apply excessive up-thrust when torqueing bolt. Always keep hands away from rotating parts. Torque bolt to between 200 and 350 ft-lbs (3/4" system) or 250 to 400 ft/lbs (7/8" system) - this completes installation.