ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins

JM INSTáL Cable Bolt (CC, Tensionable)

  1. Drill 1-3/8" diameter hole approximately 1"-2" longer than the bolt length. With plate on bolt, measure from where the plate would touch the roof to the top of the bolt.

  2. Insert appropriate resin cartridge(s) into hole. Length and type of resin as specified in the roof control plan.

  3. With square head of bolt in bolt wrench, insert JM INSTáL Tensionable cable bolt into borehole and push to top of hole. Do not rotate bolt during insertion. Insure that the expansion shell and optional stiffener enter the borehole smoothly. Always keep hands away from rotating parts.

  4. With plate touching lightly against the roof (do not apply excessive up-thrust), clock-wisely rotate bolt until expansion shell anchors and bolting machine stalls out within recommended torque range: 150-300 ft-lbs. This completes the installation. Do not attempt to apply additional torque once the bolting machine stalls out. Always keep hands away from any rotating parts.

    Note: these instructions apply to regular finish (brite), galvanized, or cableox cable.