ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins


  1. Drill a 1" diameter hole approximately 1" to 1-1/2" longer than the bolt when completely assembled. Measure from where the plate touches the roof to the top of the bolt. Adjustment to be made to accommodate header boards, crossbars, plank, etc.

  2. Insert appropriate type and length resin cartridge into hole (as specified in the roof control plan).

  3. Insert INSTáL B bolt in the drill hole with J1 or J1M expansion anchor, support nut, anti-friction washer (optional), hardened steel washer, and plate assembled on the bolt.

  4. With the bolt in the bolt wrench and without rotating, raise to top of the hole penetrating resin. Just hold bolt snug against the roof. Without applying excessive upward boom pressure, rapidly rotate bolt and torque within range (generally 150-250 ft-lbs) as specified in roof control plan. Always keep hands away from rotating parts. This completes the installation.