ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins

JMS Cable Truss System

  1. A borehole is drilled into the mine roof strata at an angle of approximately 35-45 degrees. Spacing of these holes across the entry is determined by mine personnel based on entry width and mining conditions. Borehole depth should be 1" longer than length of cable to be inserted in hole.

  2. Insert the proper resin cartridge in the borehole. Insert the cable angle bolt into the borehole. Push the cable into the borehole until resistance is felt from contacting the resin cartridges.

  3. Place the drive socket of the JMS Cable® Wrench on the end of the cable. Clock-wisely rotate the wrench by hand to index the cable to full engagement (until end of cable bottoms out inside wrench) in the wrench.

  4. Seat the wrench in the drill pod and push the bolt into the borehole. Slow clock-wise rotation of the angle cable bolt during this operation can aid in the ease of insertion. Do not apply excessive thrust. Clock-wise rotate the bolt for the recommended resin spin time. Stop rotation and hold the cable and wrench in place until the resin is set. During the installation cycle, do not rotate wrench after resin is set.

  5. Disengage wrench from drill pod. Clock-wise rotate the JMS Cable Wrench by hand to disengage the cable from the wrench.

  6. Insert exposed end of cable angle bolt into opening of cable truss plate. Slide cable truss plate over the end of the angle bolt cable and position 6-10" from angle hole.

  7. Put the splice tube on the cable. Insert a housing onto the cable with the smaller diameter hole end first. push a wedge assemble onto the cable and locate the wedge three inches, or more as directed, from the out by end of the angle cable bolt. seat the housing onto the wedge assembly. tap the splice tube against the housing to lock the wedge onto the cable.

  8. Repeat steps #1 through #6 for the angle cable bolt on the other side of the mine entry.

  9. Insert one end of the horizontal cable member through the splice tube in the opposite direction from the angle cable bolt. Secure the cable with a wedge/housing assembly as in step #6 above.

  10. Insert the other end of the horizontal cable member through the splice tube on the other side of the mine entry. Secure the cable with a wedge/housing assembly as in step #6 above.

  11. Pull the horizontal cable member tight and slide the wedge/housing assembly closer to the splice tube.

  12. Insert the cable tensioning unit (CTU) onto an end of the horizontal cable member. Engage the hydraulic circuit to tighten the cable. Repeat the tensioning cycle several times until the cable is tight. Make sure full hydraulic pressure is applied to the cable and the cylinders are not bottomed out. Do not place hands or fingers on or near nose piece end of CTU. Do not alter or remove components of CTU except to change griping wedges in nose piece. Keep hands away from any rotating parts.