ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins

PYTHON® Expandable Rock Bolts

  1. Determine the proper diameter for borehole to be drilled into the mine strata based on the type of PYTHON Bolt being installed. Hole length should be 3 in. longer than the length of PYTHON bolt being installed.

  2. Place a roof plate that matches the strength of the system over the bolt and resting on the flange of the ferrule end. Bolt assembly is then inserted into the borehole followed by the inflation wand, if using a portable pump and wand, or inflation head when using a mechanized bolting machine. Bolt assembly is then pushed flush to the roof or rib.

  3. Inflate system to the following recommended inflation pressure:

    PYTHON Unit Inflation Pressure, psi (bar)
    Standard 4350 (300)
    Midi 3481 (240)
    Super 4350 (300)

  4. Hold system tight to roof or rib with the recommended inflation pressures for at least 5 – 8 seconds. Release pressure and remove inflation wand or lower inflation head of bolting machine.

  5. Installation is complete.