ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins

RIP® 50 and RIP® 100 Mine Prop

  1. Do not place hands or fingers anywhere on prop where they might be pinched while extending prop or tightening. Carrying handles should not be used for any other purpose except carrying and holding prop during installation process. Always wear appropriate protective gear: gloves, safety glasses, etc.

  2. With helper and using the attached carrying handles, carry the RIP Mine Prop to the location where it is to be set.

  3. Prepare the mine floor and roof as required to provide a suitable bearing surface for the prop.

  4. Stand prop up and have helper hold prop by upper carrying handle. Normally, the end of the prop with the threaded spindle and two-handle nut goes against the mine roof.

  5. Remove the strap holding the threaded spindle and nut assemble to the top carrying handle.

  6. Rotate the plate attached to the threaded spindle to move the spindle upward until it contacts the roof.

  7. With helper still holding prop in upright position, grab both handles of the nut and rotate the nut to tighten the top plate against the mine roof.

  8. Test the RIP Prop to insure it is tight and stable. If necessary, retighten prop by additional rotation of the two-handle nut.

  9. The RIP Mine Prop installation is now complete. Repeat above steps for next installation.