ROCBOLT Technologies and ROCBOLT Resins

JM Roof/Rib (R2) Plate

  1. The JENNMAR Roof/Rib Plate (18" x 18" square) is designed for optimum surface control for the roof or rib. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the bolt system (including plate) for either roof or rib surface control.

  2. Place the JENNMAR Roof/Rib Plate on the bolt system between the plate and roof or rib surface. The JENNMAR Roof/Rib Plate should be placed on the bolt with the double embossment side down (flat surface against roof or rib). Any size approved bearing plate may be used in conjunction with the JENNMAR Roof/Rib Plate.

  3. Install the bolt according to the specific installation instructions for that type bolt. Always wear proper protective gloves and clothing when handling or installing the JENNMAR Roof/Rib Plate or any roof or rib control product. Always keep hands away from rotating parts and the JENNMAR Roof/Rib Plate when installing the bolt.